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We Have Build automeson - a Digital Workspace to manage your Workflow, Process & Projects!

A Digital Workspace that enables you to visually Design, Implement & Automate your organization process. Our platform helps you with improved efficiency, increased productivity, standardization and compliance while realizing effective cost savings.

Our Story

We believe in finding solutions that adds values to your business. We experienced that enterprise software were Boring, Old & Slow. Cloudtai wants to revolutionize the enterprise software by Making Them More Intelligent, Adaptive and Scalable.
Your Solutions should run on Blazing Fast Speed, Error -Free, Secured, 365 days a Year with proper Support and Maintenance from your Solution Provider, We promise you exactly the same.

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Cloud Ready Applications

Web & Desktop Solutions built upon the latest technologies enables your business with functional, high-performance applications that can streamline your enterprise process, daily workflow and communications.

Mobile Apps

We transform your innovative business ideas into apps. Our solutions are cross platform and are cost effective hence ensuring maximum ROI for our clients. We make sure that you get right type of engagement and features delivered to the client’s devices. Our Solutions Integrate ecosystem of mobile and necessary web applications.

Chat Bots

We build Bots to deliver value to your organisation in Sales, Branding, Marketing, Customer Service or Lead Generation. Our Chatbots will help reduce your cost of customer service, by performing 85% task of customer relationship without interacting with human.

Data Solutions

Our solutions will unite your data, from all possible sources you ever had from old software, apps, social media, excel sheets etc. Through the aggregation of end-to-end information and the use of machine learning algorithms & models, you will get powerful insights and recommendations. We intuitively visualize data, facilitate deeper analysis, and enable you to make informed decisions.

Machine Learning Solutions

We implement Custom AI models in computer vision, video intelligence, speech recognition and natural language understanding using state of the art libraries like TensorFlow and other open source to formulate an innovative business solution for you that can Automate your Processes.

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