What Is Cloudtai?

Cloudtai is a Technology Company Based in Nepal. We build Next Generation Enterprise Software Solutions.

So, What is Next Generation Software Solutions?

This are Not Boring, Old & Slow Enterprise Software!! Next Generation software can automate critical business processes and with its data centric approach this software can provide useful insights and recommendations for your business.

Are We a Product/ Service Based Company?

We Develop Products, but We Will Also Build Custom Software For You!

I need some Software (Web, Mobile, Machine Learning) Solutions, do you do it?

Yes, we can Develop Custom Software Solutions For you.

What Technologies Do We Use Normally?

We Use Technology & Tools from C#, .NET Core, MVC, Angular, MS- SQL, PostgreSQL & Python for Machine Learning.

Oh So Your Company Does Machine Learning, Is you Company an AI Company?

No, We will also build the Enterprise Software as others Do!!We will add and develop such ML capabilities as components to the software we build

Contact Us

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